Practical information

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Each lecture includes practice using the R software that the participants will have to install beforehand on their laptops. It is in most Linux distributions and available for all platforms.

Not compulsary but highl recommended is the graphical environment for R, RStudio.

A short introduction to R is scheduled at the very beginning of the school.

The participants are encouraged to bring a data set. Time slots will be devoted to a work in common with the statisticians-lecturers.



The School takes place from Monday 9, Octobre, morning until Friday 13th after lunch.

All participants are requested to stay during the entire duration of the school.

There will be a special bus for the transportation between the Grenoble train station and the School place, on Monday and Friday (see details on the "Venue" page).


If you arrive on Sunday 8th, you can stay at l'Escandille on Sunday night, for 88€ or 96€ with breakfast. This is not included in the fees. Note you will have to go to the Autrans village (10 min walk) for the dinner on Sunday evening. Please contact l'Escandille  directly : .
To reach the place, you have to take a bus (see informations in the Venue menu)
Another option is to stay in Grenoble and take our bus at about 10h45 on Monday morning.


Doctorants français : aide financière possible

Le GdR MaDICS offre des aides attribuées préférentiellement aux doctorants en 1ère ou 2ème année.

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